Lucien Variscite Bolo


This Lucien Variscite Bolo is a beauty!  The stone is set in a silver dagger bezel and measures 2.25″ tall by 1.25″ wide. The focal is set on 36″ of braided leather and is finished with silver and copper bolo tips.

Variscite is named after “Variscia,” the historical name of the Vogtland district in Saxony, Germany, where the gemstone was originally found in 1837. A hydrated aluminum phosphate mineral, variscite is rare and has been previously mistaken for turquoise at times. Variscite tends to not only be greener than turquoise, but also doesn’t contain copper.

As a green gemstone, variscite is seen as a grounding stone and is associated with the gaining of wealth. Variscite is believed to help brain-related functions, improving intellect and logic. Not only that, but variscite is said to calm the brain by relieving stress and anxiety. According to metaphysical beliefs, variscite is believed to enhance joy felt by the wearer. Carry variscite to induce peace and harmony within yourself. Though variscite is not an official birthstone, this gemstone is associated with the Zodiac signs of Gemini, Scorpio and Taurus. Variscite is connected to the heart chakra and therefore is said to open the heart and stimulate compassion or love.

Typically, variscite is opaque with a vitreous to waxy luster, though some rare instances are slightly translucent near the edges. The green color of variscite is created by the chromium content found in the mineral. Other colors of variscite include light blue-green, purple, orange and very rarely red. The higher the iron impurities in variscite, the more brown the color will become. Most variscite also displays black or white veining resulting from how the mineral is formed. Variscite frequently occurs as a secondary mineral in brecciated sandstone deposits and as rounded, coarse aggregate masses in cavities. Variscite deposits are found all over the world: USA, Australia, Germany, France, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden and Brazil.


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