Baltic Amber Silver Ring


This Baltic Amber Ring has outstanding suspended material matter and glowing color story. The Amber measures 1.75″ by .75″. The Amber is set in silver gallery wire , on a silver back plate with a Native American inspired stamped open silver band. This ring is a size 6.5 but is a bit flexible on size due to the open band.

Baltic Amver is incredibly effective for rheumatism, arthritis, as well as aching muscles and joints. Amber can help take away those annoying headaches, prevent asthma attacks, increase the delivery of oxygen to the body and minimize a range of diseases and disorders such as for the thyroid and joint conditions.

According to research, wearing silver has aided in balancing moods and increasing energy levels. The metal’s inherent properties are believed to help in improving circulation, maintaining general body temperature equilibrium, and canceling out electrical disturbances in the environment.

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