Royston Turquoise Leather Cuff


This pretty Royston Leather Cuff measures 1.5″ wide and is on belt weight leather. The stone is 1″ diameter and is set in a silver swag bezel on a stainless steel back plate.  The cuff has closure lengths of 7.5″, 8″ and 8.75″.  The Royston stone has gorgeous pops of green, earthy browns and sand tones.

Royston turquoise is considered a stone of communication by those who practice crystal healing. Modern age healers believe that turquoise contains the powers to heal or eradicate fears of people, such as the fear of public speaking. The stone enables the person to speak more confidently, creatively, and fluently.

Referred to as the metal of emotions, healing and love, silver jewelry is not only believed to bring the wearer patience and perseverance but also provide balance and protection.

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