Jade Dragon Statement Neck Piece


This Jade Dragon Statement Neck Piece is designed and fabricated by PA artist Sandy Calderone.  The necklace has a total length of 19″. The large jade rounds are facet cut and catch the light in such a beautiful way. This necklace is hand knotted with a copper hook/eye closure. The hand carved Jade dragon medallion is from the artists  personal collection. The medallion measures 3″ in diameter and is in an open copper cage setting.

The healing properties of jade are very useful for emotional healing. The soothing energy from jade relieves irritability while helping to eliminate negativity which supports jade meaning. The personality is stabilized through integration of body and mind.

The Dragon represents the principle of heaven, the rain deity (water), adaptability, the emperor, light, activity and the maleness in the yin/yang of Chinese cosmology. The dragon is the ruler of scaly animals and in some Asian cultures considered the king of all animals.


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