Turquoise Heishi Stone Necklace


This beautiful Heishi necklace has a combination of 3 turquoise mines giving this piece depth of color that wouldn’t exist by using stones from one mine. Beautiful earth tone varieties of greens and browns in this necklace with turquoise from Campitos, Mexico; Kings Manassa, Colorado; and Cloud Mountain, Hubei. The necklace has heishi stones measuring from .75″ down to .25″. The entire piece is 18.5″ in length and is finished with a copper hook closure.

Turquoise was used as a sacred stone by many peoples. Turquoise is said to have protective and healing properties. Turquoise attracts wealth, success and love. Turquoise strengthens and empowers the body and mind, gathers hope and courage, as well as offering ease and calm to the mind.

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