natural stone pendant adjustable necklaces4.5.2016

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Happy Spring ya’all! We thought this day would never get here!
We will be posting our upcoming show dates/locations for 2016. It’s gona be a busy year! Stay tuned……

Agate Slab Statement Necklace









So, research shows that online marketing and advertising is the wave of the future. I have recently been toying with the thought of expanding into the Lancaster area . I looked at a co-op called Building Character – A very interesting place made up of old warehouses in the center of town.  After meeting with the g.m.of this place and hearing about rental fees, minimum sale numbers, restrictions on labeling, and commissions,  I have decided to put those funds towards online advertising.

So, today I took a very interesting webinar (yes, these are the wave of the future as well). This session was all about using Pinterest.  This was a very interesting hour and I gleaned much useful information that will be implimented tomorrow over coffee. There are also webinars on instagram and facebook, but Pinterest.has the biggest return on effort, so this is where stellascloset  will focus our efforts. If you have thoughts you would like to share email us at . Or join our email list on our Shop page.

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Let it be so……………… is my first blog. What about? Well, art and jewelry…….all things creative………… what else. I’ve been thinking about adding this page for sometime, but was worried I wouldn’t be able to come up with content on a regular basis. Surely, no one else but myself would be interested in all these thoughts and ideas in my head! LOL

David Bowie passed away a few short days ago, but his fearless genius will surely last forever. Most artists live, create, have lives and pass with out anyone knowing they existed. This won’t be the case with Mr.Jones. I say not. Thank You Mr. Jones………………….

Let us all go forth, create, be bold, but kind, and leave our marks on the world.